About Us

Welcome to Hydrotec Solutions

Hydrotec Solutions is a social start-up founded in the year 2014 with a passion to make a difference to that section of the society who is deprived of safe and affordable drinking water. 

During the journey, Hydrotec developed  low cost, low maintenance, solar based community water purification systems. The product named Arosia, is capable of dispensing water on pay per use basis. The company has successfully installed these systems at various schools, villages, hospitals, factories and mining areas across India. With more than 250 units installed, we are purifying more than half million liters of water daily, impacting the lives of thousands of people across India. 

The water purification system today has been integrated with IOT based real time monitoring. The real time water quality could be monitored. We have also integrated solar and lithium ion based batteries with it. This has made the system capable of purifying water for as long as 48 hours without and electricity back up. Although we are working with most Urban and rural bodies, Industries of eastern India, we intend to grow our presence across the world. 

Our Mission

At Hydrotec Solutions, our approach is to purify water at low cost and less energy, while at the same time minimize the use of chemical reagents to reduce impact on health and environment.

Our Partners