our range of pumps

Raw Water Pumps

Hydrotec Solutions Raw Water Pumps

We have  established ranges of pumps for the Raw Water Pumps to pumps out the sea  water. Our SVT series pumps, with its unique user-friendly design,  are not only very strong, sturdy & compact but can prove to be an  ideal replacement for regular Vertical Turbine Pumps 

De watering Pumps

Hydrotec Solutions De watering Pumps


 We have  widest range of submersible De watering Pumps.  All leading Infra houses  & industries have chosen our Pumps for its unmatched quality  & reliability. With separate range for pumps for regular de watering,  heavy duty pumping de watering to complete pumping solutions

Slurry Pumps

Hydrotec Solutions Slurry Pumps

 We have complete range of Submersible Slurry  handling pumps, from regular slurry handling pumps, to jacketed design  submersible slurry pumps to Cantilever slurry handling pumps. The  uniqueness of these submersible slurry pumps is that they can be  customized according to client.

Clear Water Pumps

Hydrotec Solutions Clear Water Pumps

We have a range of Well Submersible Clear Water Pumps consists Of S and M Series  Pumps. We are pioneers in this range of pumps and had Indian patent for  this product. Our pumps are not only ideal for various agricultural  applications but are also very popular for many industrial applications

Sewage Pumps

Hydrotec Solutions Sewage Pumps

Our  Sewage Pumps & Effluent handling range of pumps consists of Unclog  Series (Solid handling pumps), Vertical Wet Pit Series. These pumps can  be supplied with host of features like Spiral cutting Plate, Cooling  Jacket, Agitator & customized Duck foot bend

Waste Water Pumps

Hydrotec Solutions Waste water Pumps

Our range of Submersible Waste Water Pumps consists Of WW, WV, WR,  WP, DG & GP series pumps. They are ideal for drainage application in  Hotels, Hospitals, Treated waste in ETP /STP, Pressurized Sewage  Systems, Septic tank cleaning & for dewatering of waste water in  Housing 

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