Arosia Water ATM is an automated, low maintenance water purification system, which provides communities with 24/7 safe drinking water on a pay-per-use basis.

These stand alone systems are designed for rural and remote population, where

it can purify and dispense water even in absence of electricity.

• Water purification system for arsenic, fluoride, iron and other impurities. Reverse

Osmosis and Desalination systems can also run by our system.

• Very low cost of water purification has been achieved through Arosia Water ATM.

Price of water being as low as Re. 1 per litre.

• Quality assurance through real time online monitoring of important water

parameters. Among first of its kind, solution based on ‘Internet of Things (IOT)’

• Each drop of water is accountable as water is dispensed on pay-per-use basis for

the end-user.

• A standalone SMART purification system which has the potential to solve urban

water needs in Smart Cities.

• User friendly system, which can be operated through mobile app with minimum

human intervention.

• Solar powered system packed with powerful Lithium-ion batteries is used to run

the system, thus reducing carbon footprint.

arosia water atm FEATURES

Solar Power

Smart Monitoring

Lithium Battery


TDS Reduction by 99.5% . Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and UV. Solar powered dispensing of water in absence of power supply.  Solar powered cooling and purification in absence of power supply can be integrated

Lithium Battery

Smart Monitoring

Lithium Battery


Inbuilt powerful lithium ion battery for running the entire plant in case of power shortage. Automatic prepaid card based dispensing system for quick & easy access to purified drinking water

Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring


 Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated to analyse the quality of water. Smart Remote Monitoring to track water flow rate, TDS, tank level, pH, temperature,  filtration system remotely (GSM/GPRS based)

Rural Areas

School,Hospitals,Bus Stand

Smart Monitoring


Custom made Water ATM according to rural population where there is absence of electricity and piped water supply to bring happiness to every home.

Smart City

School,Hospitals,Bus Stand

School,Hospitals,Bus Stand


We have joined Smart City Mission by providing clean, healthy and pure water at minimal price at public areas

School,Hospitals,Bus Stand

School,Hospitals,Bus Stand

School,Hospitals,Bus Stand


We provide complete water atm  solution  for school ,hospitals,railway stations,bus stands,markets,etc

Arosia Water ATM (pdf)


Arosia Water ATM

Automated water dispensing units  - which provide communities with 24/7 safe drinking water. They are solar powered and cloud connected, thus enabling remote tracking of the water quality and it is pay per use basis 

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